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Jennifer Maurer jennifer.maurer at state.or.us
Thu Oct 13 11:09:07 PDT 2011

While transitioning OSLIS to a new server, there was a glitch that caused OSLIS to go down. As of this morning, the site is up, but access is intermittent.

This excerpt from a posting on OSLIST has more details:

Access to the site has been restored. However, as of this morning, access is intermittent. By that I mean that you might get in to OSLIS immediately, it might take about 10 seconds to load, or it might "spin" for several minutes and lead to an error message. The hosting vendor has several employees looking into a fix. Until further notice, if you want to use OSLIS, give it a try but know that you might not get in right away.

Because of the nature of the problem, there is no back door to Citation Maker like there was in the past.

I understand that you need to depend on OSLIS, and that is exactly why we moved the site to a remote vendor. Last winter we hired a contractor to help fix the access problems we started having. Problem is, the fix was more like a band-aid, and it was easy to undo. Therefore, we began looking into moving the site to a vendor that could monitor OSLIS more closely and eventually fix the intermittent access problems for good. Ideally, the transition would have been completed in the summer, but the RFP process, contract negotiations, and testing took several months. And, here we are. While the transition may have aggravated old injuries, so to speak, I am confident that this vendor can solve the problem. They are experts in Plone, the content management system OSLIS is built on, and they host several big accounts, including the website for a nationally-recognized science magazine.

Again, I am very sorry for the access problems. Know that this issue is a priority with the Oregon State Library and the hosting vendor.


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