[Libs-Or] Opportunities to Teach Undergraduates,in the New Four-Year Curriculum,of Hong Kong’s Eight Universities

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This sounds interesting. Didn't know if they needed librarians - but I'm 
sure they do!-Bob Schroeder

Opportunities to Teach Undergraduates
in the New Four-Year Curriculum
of Hong Kong’s Eight Universities

In September of 2012, the eight major universities in Hong Kong will 
embark on comprehensive structural changes in their curricula that will 
significantly increase the number of credit hours taught and the number 
of faculty employed. Specifically, the universities will convert from 
three-year bachelor degree programs in which students immediately enter 
their major to four-year American-style liberal arts curricula with 
greater range of student choice. In many cases, this will include a year 
of inter-disciplinary general education emphasizing interactive teaching 
and learning. Along with these changes, the eight universities will 
admit about 15,000 additional students in the so-called “double cohort” 
starting in September 2012.
The Hong Kong-America Center (HKAC) is a non-profit institution that 
promotes mutual understanding between Hong Kong and American societies 
through educational and cultural exchanges. The HKAC assists in the 
administration of the Fulbright program in Hong Kong. Given the need for 
several hundred new faculty from all disciplines, the HKAC is building a 
file of qualified faculty from the US who are qualified and interested 
in teaching in one of Hong Kong’s universities. We will make these 
dossiers available to relevant departments at the following 
institutions: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The University of 
Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong 
Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, Lingnan University, Hong Kong 
University of Science and Technology, and Hong Kong Institute of Education.
Please see the HKAC website for links to their respective GE programs.
Most of the teaching will involve lower-division general education 
courses, although well-credentialed faculty may also teach courses in 
the major. English is used extensively in Hong Kong and is the medium of 
instruction in the universities. We welcome resumes from faculty 
interested in one- to three-year contract positions. Although 
compensation will vary from campus to campus, faculty in these mainly 
teaching positions are paid in the range of US$ 50,000 to US$ 80,000 per 
year. In some cases, housing is provided on or near campus. In others, 
faculty find their own. Airfare from the U.S. is usually included. A PhD 
or equivalent and teaching experience are required. Sabbatical and 
emeritus faculty at American universities are encouraged to apply.
Hong Kong is a dynamic place with spectacular food, access to beaches 
and rural areas, and inexpensive travel links to most of Asia, 
especially nearby mainland China. English is used extensively and is the 
medium of instruction in the universities. Hong Kong students are 
generally well-prepared, incredibly diligent, and intensely eager to 
learn. Many come from the Chinese mainland and seek further study in the 
For more information, please see www.cuhk.edu.hk/hkac 
<http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/hkac>. To be included in the pool, please email 
your full CV, along with a cover statement indicating the dates of your 
availability and your teaching and research interests. These materials 
should go to:donnalam at cuhk.edu.hk <mailto:donnalam at cuhk.edu.hk>. The 
HKAC will make the dossiers of eligible candidates available to 
departments across the eight institutions starting in December 2011 
onward. Department heads will contact candidates whom they wish to 
interview directly. Please address any questions 
to glennshive at cuhk.edu.hk <mailto:glennshive at cuhk.edu.hk>.


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