[Libs-Or] LSTA Advisory Council Meeting Press Release and Agenda

Ferol Weyand ferol.weyand at state.or.us
Thu Sep 1 08:46:11 PDT 2011

LSTA Advisory Council
September 15, 2011
9:00 - 4:00
Oregon State Library, Meeting Room B9
250 Winter St., Salem, OR
Buzzy Nielsen, Chair

9:00 a.m.*       Welcome and introductions

9:10                 Review proceedings of the last meetings - May 12 and 13, 2011

9:20                 Staff reports:
1.      Status of use of FFY10 - MaryKay Dahlgreen
2.      FFY 2011 financial overview and draft budget plan for FFY 2012 - MaryKay Dahlgreen
3.      LSTA Five-Year Plan evaluation update

10:00               Election of officers for coming year - Chair, Vice-Chair

10:15               Procedures review and Discussion of LSTA grant applications

10:45               Break

11:45               Working lunch

1:00 p.m.         Open forum
(Any individual may address the LSTA Advisory Council at this time. Speakers are requested to furnish 15 typewritten copies of their text to the Council Chair.)

1:30                 Break

2:00                 Discussion of statewide projects

2:10                 Discussion of OLA Scholarship project report

2:20                 Cost recovery and L-net - recommendation for Board / conversation with Caleb Tucker-Raymond.

2:10                 Consideration of grant guidelines for FFY 2012 / Discussion on determining funding ratios and priorities for FFY 2012(e.g. statewide vs. individual project funding)

2:30                 Presentation of ranked grant applications
                        Decision-making about grant applications and LSTA program for FFY 2011

2:45                 Plan for development of new Five-Year Plan

3:15                 Presentation to the State Library Board; plans for the year's meetings of the Council in Salem - May and Sept.2011

3:30                 Recognition of members whose terms expire

3:40                 Suggest potential new Council members

3:50                 Adjourn
*all times except public forum are approximate

Ferol Weyand
Library Development Consulting Assistant
Oregon State Library
250 Winter St., Salem, OR 97301-3950
ferol.weyand at state.or.us

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