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BJ Toewe bjtoewe at cityofsalem.net
Thu Jan 12 14:01:22 PST 2012

Salem Public Library has two charging stations at the main library and
one at the branch.  Here's a link to a city-sponsored FAQ page:

>>> "Jim Knutson" <tintin at exchangenet.net> 1/12/2012 12:43 PM >>>
In Oregon, libraries that have this will have to have attendants who
plug in the cars -- no "self-serve." Right?
From: Erin Sharwell ( mailto:erins at ci.hillsboro.or.us )

Yeah, I really don’t know the answers to any of these questions! I’ll
see if I can find out.

 From: Karen Clay

OMG - poor Erin is never going to answer a question again!

Though I must say I am very curious myself about how it's working out.


Hope Leman wrote:
Or by a vendor (in a sort of gas station role) who pays a fee to the
library? Does it work for non-car vehicles?

Hope Leman

From: Judy Anderson

And are the costs paid by the user or by tax dollars?


From: Hope Leman

Are there any safety/liability issues? Pros/cons with parking and this
is not my job sort of things?

Hope Leman

From: Judy Anderson
How often are they being used?


From:Erin Sharwell

Yes, we have two charging stations at our Main library.  :)

Erin Sharwell
Technical Services Librarian

Hope started it:
From: Hope Leman

Hi, all. I came across the item below today


and noticed this rather interesting part of the article, " Any location
where you will potentially spend an hour or two is a good place for a
charger, and the library is a place where users return week after week,
not once every few months."

I just wondered if any libraries in Oregon are doing this. Librarians
pretty enterprising when it comes to community outreach and public

Hope Leman, MLIS
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