[Libs-Or] Library cards for homeless/those without permanent address

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I have very much enjoyed the conversation. Obviously, like homelessness
itself, it is a complex issue for libraries to address. I recall one of my
favorite library blogs: In the Library with the Lead Pipe had a post on
this topic a few years back which might be of interest to some:
Welcoming the Homeless Into Libraries:

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> Hello Kirsten,
> What an interesting discussion you have sparked! I was talking it over
> with one of my student workers, and she suggested that you could perhaps
> have a 'holds' area where those people who cannot provide the information
> needed to get a library card can have books held for a certain amount of
> time, so that they can revisit the book without having to worry about
> another patron checking it out and removing it from the library.  That way,
> they can have access to the book for the normal checkout period, but it
> never leaves the physical library location.  I don't know how well this
> could work, but it seems like a way to give them most of the regular
> privileges while keeping account of library property.
> Lindsay
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> We're currently exploring ways to better serve our transient population
> here in Lincoln City. In the past we have worked out cards for individuals
> staying at a nearby domestic violence shelter, and we allow anyone to make
> use of our computers, but I would like to set up something more permanent
> and wide-ranging that would allow individuals without a permanent address
> to better access library services.
> We have some ideas here on staff, but I would be very interested in
> hearing how other libraries have tackled this. What kinds of requirements
> do you have in order to obtain a card? Do cards for those without permanent
> address have the same borrowing privileges, or modified privileges? Have
> you experienced a great deal of material loss, or no? I suspect I may have
> to work pretty hard to get 100% buy-in from my board and from staff, so any
> information you've got would be great!
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