[Libs-Or] Library cards for homeless/those without permanent address

Diedre Conkling diedre08 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 10:15:04 PDT 2012

Actually what happens without fines is that items get returned at the same
rate as in libraries with fines.   The down side might be that the returns
come in a bit later, it is not that the items aren't returned.  The major
up side is the reduction of stress on staff.  Yes, there has been research
done on this. I am, however, unable to point anyone to the research today
but probably could later in the week.  Oh, the research is on return rates
and not staff stress levels. That is just a comment from my personal
 On Jul 10, 2012 9:30 AM, "Kyle Banerjee" <banerjek at orbiscascade.org> wrote:

>  A library is a much happier place to work in and to visit without the
>> trouble we have over charging and collecting late fees.
> Perhaps. But unless there is something to limit behavior, friendly
> policies can have unintended side effects. The benefit of the fines is not
> the money they bring in, but rather that they encourage people to return
> things.
> When I was in college, neither faculty nor graduate students had to pay
> fines. A practical side effect of that policy was that many of them had
> checked out literally hundreds of items which they kept for years on end.
> This costs a fortune, does no good, and only lends credence to those who
> insist that libraries are irrelevant and that we should turn to the
> internet for all our information needs.
> kyle
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