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Chris A. Crowe cacrowe at co.douglas.or.us
Tue Jul 10 12:13:02 PDT 2012

Douglas County Library System has the following reference sets to give away

to libraries on the Orbis Cascade courier route.

Please respond by Tuesday July 24.

Preference will be given to whomever wants a complete set.

Volumes will be shipped in batches over the summer as courier space allows.


Motion Picture Guide, Cinebooks, c.1985, vols. 1-10 and annuals 1994-1998.

            Covers films from 1927 on. (Takes two 36" shelves)


Contemporary Literary Criticism, Gale, vols. 1-203 (nine 36" shelves)


Magill's Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, c.1996, 4 vols.


Masterplots Revised 2nd Edition, c.1996, 12 vols.


Masterplots II, American Fiction Series, c. 1986, 4 vols.


Nineteen Century Literary Criticism, Gale, vols. 1-15 (one 36" shelf)


Twentieth Century Literary Criticism, Gale, vols. 1-40 (two 36" shelves)


Dictionary of Literary Biography, Gale, vols. 1-58, plus yearbooks 1980-86,

            Documentary Series vols. 1-4, and vol. 175, Native American Writers

            (three 36" shelves)


Contemporary Authors, Gale, vols. 1-203 and Autobiography Series, vol. 1-5

(nine 36" shelves)


Contemporary Authors, New Revision Series, Gale, vols. 1-171 (seven 36" shelves)


Current Biography, bound vols., 1942-2007 (three 36" shelves)


Encyclopedia of World Biography, 2nd Edition, c.1998, 22 vols (1 ¼ 36" shelves)


Who Was Who in America, 12 vols., covers 1897-1968, 1974-1989, 1993-1998,

            plus Revised Historical Volume covering 1607-1896


Who's Who in America 2007, 2 vols.


Who's Who in the World 2004, 1 vol.



Chris Crowe

Public Services Manager

Douglas County Library System

1409 NE Diamond Lake Bl.

Roseburg, OR 97470

Phone: (541) 957-4635

Fax: (541) 440-4315

Website: http://dclibrary.us



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