[Libs-Or] Library cards for homeless/those without permanent address

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I don't always collect fines, especially if I know families just forget not on a regular basis, or if it's a kid bringing a book back.  But in our library, part of the budget is the fines. We don't make much on them, but the City Administration looks to see it is coming in.

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That sounds Utopian, but I'm wondering if they really mean the counties/districts that have reciprocal agreements with FVRL.

Eligibility for a library card
The following categories of individuals with adequate identification are eligible to register for library cards:

  *   All residents of the Library District.
  *   Non-residents of the Library District who pay taxes to support the Library District. This includes individuals who own a business or property located within the Library District but live elsewhere.
  *   Residents of other tax-supported public library jurisdictions such as individuals known as "Reciprocal Borrowers."
  *   Residents of areas where there is no tax-supported public library may register for a card after paying a household non-resident fee.
Otherwise, it is interesting that they are explicit in granting cards to nonresidents who are still part of the tax base. They are also limiting this to property/business owners - not those who are employed in the District, but live in a non-reciprocal area. That makes me think that they really intend the third clause to mean pre-arranged reciprocal areas.


Sarah Jesudason
Adult Services Supervisor
Tigard Public Library

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Check out our neighbors to the north at the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District for a different model: They don't charge fines, and they give a free card to anyone who lives within the jurisdiction of a tax-supported public library anywhere in the country.


Buzzy Nielsen

Library Director
Hood River County Library District
502 State St
Hood River, OR 97031
On 07/10/2012 10:15 AM, Diedre Conkling wrote:

Actually what happens without fines is that items get returned at the same rate as in libraries with fines.   The down side might be that the returns come in a bit later, it is not that the items aren't returned.  The major up side is the reduction of stress on staff.  Yes, there has been research done on this. I am, however, unable to point anyone to the research today but probably could later in the week.  Oh, the research is on return rates and not staff stress levels. That is just a comment from my personal experience.
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