[Libs-Or] Looking to purchase a microfilm scanner

Dolores Knight dknight at cclsd.org
Fri Jul 13 13:05:40 PDT 2012

I'd clarify that to say 10 minutes or less for users who are already 
comfortable with a mouse.  We've have an older population so it's harder 
for some of them.  For advanced features there is a bit more of a 
learning curve and some staff have exhibited avoidance tactics...

We do see a lag time whenever adjustments are made to the view 
(brightness, contrast, focus, etc.) so we do have to warn users to wait 
a few seconds to let the changes finalize. You can visibly see the 
changes wash down the screen so it is easy to see how long to wait. I 
assume that relates to the graphics card and memory available on the 
hosting PC so your experience may vary.

I would emphasize the need to place it on a solid and level table, ours 
isn't so any movement by the user or the printer can jar the scanner, 
thus moving your image out of alignment.

That said, it has been very convenient to be able to email the scans to 
the requesting user.


On 07/13/2012 12:11 pm, Buzzy Nielsen wrote:
> We also recently purchased a ScanPro 2000 from Linco. It completely
> replaced our conventional reader. I pretty much agree with Charles's
> assessment, although we haven't experienced the lag in the monitor
> catching up. The software interface is clunky but customizable.
>  On another note, even if you factor in the space for the computer
> terminal, it has a much smaller physical footprint than our last
> reader. Since it's connected to a computer terminal, it can also
> theoretically be set to print to any printer on your network. The
> ability to save snapshots of the pages directly as PDFs or JPGs has
> also been really helpful when responding to email obituary inquiries,
> as we don't have to mail or scan anything.
>  Cheers!
>  Buzzy Nielsen

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