[Libs-Or] FW: Last chance to register for FREE advocacy training this Spring!

Jennifer Maurer jennifer.maurer at state.or.us
Mon Mar 5 11:36:54 PST 2012

If you are interested in developing "a customized Advocacy Work Plan with the guidance of professional facilitators and consultants" by taking part in FREE six-week online course called Turning the Page 2.0, read the email below or the information here: http://www.ala.org/pla/education/turningthepage.

If you have questions, please email lslawsky at ala.org<mailto:lslawsky at ala.org>.


Jennifer Maurer
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Oregon State Library
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jennifer.maurer at state.or.us

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From: Public Library Association [mailto:pla at ala.org]
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Subject: Last chance to register for free advocacy training this Spring!


Registration for the Spring session of Turning the Page 2.0 <http://ala.informz.net/z/cjUucD9taT0yMTgxNjA1JnA9MSZ1PTEwMjAwMTYxNDEmbGk9MTA0ODY2MTc/index.html>
closes this Wednesday, March 7.

Develop a customized Advocacy Work Plan with the guidance of professional facilitators and consultants when you take part in Turning the Page 2.0. The Spring session begins with a free, optional program at the Public Library Association 2012 Conference<http://ala.informz.net/z/cjUucD9taT0yMTgxNjA1JnA9MSZ1PTEwMjAwMTYxNDEmbGk9MTA0ODY2MTg/index.html> on March 13, then transitions into a free online six-week course (week of March 19-week of April 23) with weekly virtual classroom sessions and independent work.

REGISTER TODAY!<http://ala.informz.net/z/cjUucD9taT0yMTgxNjA1JnA9MSZ1PTEwMjAwMTYxNDEmbGk9MTA0ODY2MTk/index.html>

If you have any questions, email lslawsky at ala.org<mailto:lslawsky at ala.org>. Turning the Page 2.0 is developed and presented by PLA with generous support from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


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