[Libs-Or] Oregon Library Passport Program to Launch January 1st!

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I am so happy to get this from you today.  I just put it on the Board
meeting agenda hoping to get more information before the meeting.

Thank you and the committee for putting this together!

On Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 1:55 PM, Eva Calcagno <Calcagno at wccls.org> wrote:

>  Good afternoon public library directors and public & private academic
> library directors,****
> ** **
> Letters will be mailed to you today inviting your libraries to participate
> in the launch of a statewide patron-initiated reciprocal borrowing
> program.  At the direction of the Oregon Library Association Board, the
> Resource Sharing Committee was tasked with devising a shared borrowing
> program that would extend borrowing privileges between libraries, that
> could be implemented easily and inexpensively, and would build on Oregon's
> tradition of cooperative programs.  It is meant to be a patron-focused
> exchange -- a library opens its doors to patrons of other participating
> libraries and vice versa.  We believe the OLPP addresses the long-standing
> goal of sharing resources between libraries that has been reflected in past
> OLA strategic plans including Vision 2000, Vision 2010 and Vision 2020.***
> *
> ** **
> Since last spring, the Resource Sharing Committee has been talking to
> various library groups to gather feedback and finalize the program.  We
> made changes in the program to accommodate the ideas and concerns raised.
> For example, draft descriptions of the program said it was for "tax
> supported" libraries, which was a confusing term for some people. We have
> changed that to "legally established" public libraries to provide a clearer
> description of which libraries are eligible.  An important element is that
> libraries can set their own local limits on use to fit their comfort zone
> (i.e. number of checkouts allowed, holds placed, etc.).****
> ** **
> The mailing you will receive from OLA includes an introductory letter, a
> summary of the Passport Program and a Statement of Shared Understanding.
> (I'm also attaching a pdf here FYI).  Once you are ready to participate,
> please fill out the Statement and return it to the address listed.
> Information about the program is posted at
> www.librariesoforegon.org/passport including forms and logos you may
> download for local publicity.  Once libraries begin signing up this site
> will also include a full list of libraries so you and your patrons know
> which libraries are participating.  For patrons, their local library card
> becomes their passport to other libraries across Oregon!  The kick-off date
> is January 1st (well, technically the 2nd).  We hope to have a solid core
> of participants ready to go by that date.  If you have questions please
> direct them to one of the members of the Resource Sharing Committee noted
> in the document.****
> ** **
> We look forward to welcoming your patrons at our libraries soon!****
> ** **
> Eva Calcagno, Director (and Chair, Resource Sharing Committee)****
> Washington County Cooperative Library Services****
> 111 NE Lincoln St., MS-58****
> Hillsboro, OR 97124****
> (503)846-3233 office****
> (503)846-3220 FAX****
> wccls.org****
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