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Please pardon the cross-posting<http://oslis.org/oslissupport/announcements/2012/october-15-2012-1>.

Before I jump into my LearningExpress Library information, I want to say thanks to everyone<https://sites.google.com/site/2012oasl/home/contactus> who worked on the OASL fall conference committee. I was impressed with the mix of useful and interesting session options and felt like the choices were valuable for librarians, library media managers, classroom teachers, and technology folks. Also, things went smoothly for me both as a presenter and attendee, and I know a lot of worked happened behind the scenes to make that so. Kudos on a great conference!

During Saturday’s LearningExpress Library session at the OASL fall conference, the participants asked a lot of really good questions, so I thought I’d share some of them (and the answers!) here.

Q: If I didn’t add my email address to my account when I registered, can I add it now?
A: Yes. To add or change your email address associated with your LEL account, follow these steps:

·         Click on the LEL icon found on any OSLIS Find Information page. (Ex: http://secondary.oslis.org/find-information)

·         Enter your username and password in the Returning User Login area at the bottom of the LEL homepage.

·         Click on My Center in the blue area at the top of the page.

·         Click on Change Your Settings at the top of the column on the left.

·         Add or update the email address in the text box and click on Submit. (You will get a message indicating, “You have successfully changed your email.”)

Note: If users do not associate an email address with their LEL accounts, they will have to rely on LearningExpress customer service, available Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm Eastern time, to try to get a login reminder. With an email address associated with your account, users can utilize the Forgot Your Password? link to receive an immediate reminder about their username and password.
            (800) 295-9556 ext. 2
            libraries at learningexpressllc.com<mailto:libraries at learningexpressllc.com>

Q: Can I view LEL’s eBooks on my iPad?
A: Yes. LearningExpress Library’s eBooks are in PDF format, and viewing them works the same on an iPad as it does on a regular computer. If you are having problems, maybe your wifi connection is weak or is in heavy use? If you experience persistent problems with access that you feel is unrelated to your wifi connection, please let Arlene Weible know. (Arlene is the new State Library lead for the Statewide Database Licensing Program.) Here’s the complete list of LEL’s eBooks which is just one way to access them.
            http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LTLO/LTLOOct2012/Oct2012LTLO.html (scroll to 4th article)

Q: Does LearningExpress offer online training?
A: Yes, LearningExpress offers a free webinar to learn about LEL every other Wednesday, either at 9am or noon Pacific. Scroll to the bottom of the training page for access to an archived version of the guided tour. Plus, LEL has a robust built-in help section.


Jennifer Maurer
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jennifer.maurer at state.or.us<mailto:jennifer.maurer at state.or.us>

October is Information Literacy Month! Learn more here<http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LD/Pages/resources/InformationLiteracyMonth.aspx>.

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