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Here's an update from EveryLibrary <http://www.everylibrary.org/> to let
everyone know where Oregon stands in the fundraising challenge. We have
raised $307 of our $1,000 goal. Thank you to everyone who has donated so
far. We need your help to spread the word about EveryLibrary to your
friends, neighbors, and family so we can reach our goal.

EveryLibrary is attempting to raise $50,000 by November 7th. This money
will be used to (A) Fundraise nationally to transfer "seed money" to local
ballot committees and Political Action Committees; (B) Hire great campaign
consultants to make sure we do voter outreach and education right; and (C)
Fund full time staff to keep the PAC engine growing for future success.

In an attempt to hit this goal by election day, (founder) John
Chrastka<https://twitter.com/MrChrastka>has put forth a challenge to
every state to raise $1,000. Here are how the top six states are doing so

NY - $1185
NJ - $770
CO - $330
CA - $310
OR - $307
CT - $275

If you have not already heard, EveryLibrary is a National Political Action
Committee (PAC) whose mission is to build financial and tactical support to
ensure that local library initiatives pass at the ballot box. Check out
their website for lots of great info about what EveryLibrary is and what it
can do. http://everylibrary.org/

Oregon is still on track to get to our goal. We are only $773 short. Which
means, if 74 people each threw in $10, we could hit $1000 in no time.

Donating can be done online here: http://tinyurl.com/OR4ELPAC

Also, check out this great piece <http://oregon.sla.org/?p=1306> written by
Turner Masland on the ORLSA site.

You can also follow our progress on
Twitter <https://twitter.com/OR4EveryLibrary>.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at
erica.findley at gmail.com

Erica Findley for EveryLibrary
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