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The Northstar Digital Literacy Project (http://www.digitalliteracyassessment.org) mentioned in the blog posting below could be useful both for its basic computer skills standards and assessments. For example, if you teach or want to begin offering a version of computing 101, you could compare your session's learning targets against the standards listed on Northstar. Note that sponsoring sites which can actually award certificates are only in Minnesota, at least at this time.


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October is Information Literacy Month! Learn more here<http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LD/Pages/resources/InformationLiteracyMonth.aspx>.


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Assessing Digital Literacy Skills: Learn One Approach to Creating Online Assessment Tools<http://capwiz.com/ala/utr/1/EEIESFQSCW/OBKOSFQSDQ/8873642151>
[Kit Hadley]

Below, guest blogger and Saint Paul Public Library Director Kit Hadley offers insight into ways that libraries can navigate the digital literacy environment by describing the work of the Northstar Digital Literacy Project<http://capwiz.com/ala/utr/1/EEIESFQSCW/DKDISFQSDR/8873642151>. Hadley's article is part of the ALA Digital Literacy Task Force's continuing efforts to highlight library leadership in the digital literacy sphere.

On November 14, 2012, the ALA Office for Information Technology Policy and its Digital Literacy Task Force will host Creating a Culture of Learning: How Librarians Keep up with Digital Media and Technology<http://capwiz.com/ala/utr/1/EEIESFQSCW/ANDHSFQSDS/8873642151>, a national conversation about the role of libraries in supporting and deepening digital literacy skills development for students, the general public and colleagues in other professions (RSVP now<mailto:alawash at alawash.org>). Librarians can submit blog posts about their digital literacy programs by sending an email to mvisser at alawash.org<mailto:mvisser at alawash.org>.

At the height of the recession, the Saint Paul Public Library and the Saint Paul Community Literacy Consortium initiated a project to help teach basic digital literacy skills and offer a certificate to help in job search. Our target audience was people lacking minimal computer literacy skills. We were working with people everyday without the computer skills necessary to apply for jobs on-line, engage in e-commerce and e-government, find library resources, participate in adult basic education and career readiness programs, or take basic courses at community colleges.

Now, a collaboration of organizations has launched the Northstar Digital Literacy Project, which offers free on-line assessments of basic digital literacy skills in six modules: basic computer use, world wide web, Windows 7, Mac OS X, using e-mail, and Microsoft Word, at www.digitalliteracyassessment.org<http://capwiz.com/ala/utr/1/EEIESFQSCW/GAJESFQSDT/8873642151>.

Continue reading on District Dispatch.<http://capwiz.com/ala/utr/1/EEIESFQSCW/BNNQSFQSDU/8873642151>


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