[Libs-Or] Would you like to be an embedded librarian at Wordstock this year?

Lee Catalano leec at multcolib.org
Fri Sep 21 09:33:49 PDT 2012


Last year, information staff from Multnomah County Library (along with a
few other friends) embedded themselves at the Wordstock
Festival<http://www.wordstockfestival.com/>at Portland's Convention
Center <http://www.oregoncc.org/>.  We donned red aprons, pinned on our
"Ask Us Anything!" buttons, grabbed a tablet and headed out to the Festival
floor ready to answer participants' questions -- everything from the usual
(where is the bathroom?), the arcane (what's the definition of "sassy?"),
and the ones that we really love (there was a book I read in fourth grade
...).  We would be delighted if you joined us.

You can find out a little bit about what we did by checking
and/or scrolling through this
PPT <http://ww.nwcentral.org/files/Embedded%20Librarians%20at%20OLA.ppt>(from
this year's OLA Conference) until you get to Red Apron Mamas.

We need you on Saturday and Sunday, *October 13-14*, for a three- or
four-hour shift from 9 am to 6 pm.  (We're going to try three-hour shifts,
but we may have to make them longer, depending on how many folks we can
rustle up.  So if you can work longer, let me know.)

9 to noon
noon to 3
3 to 6

I am mostly in need of embeds on *Sunday*, so if you have some flexibility,
I'd appreciate it if you'd opt for that.

Please email me with your preferred date/time (alternatives are welcome,
too).  I'll get back with you about a schedule next week.

I take questions as well ...

Thanks for considering.


Lee Catalano
Librarian | Adult Programs
Multnomah County Library
Phone: 503.988.5549
Fax: 503.988.5226
*leec at multcolib.org*
I'm listening to *The Manny
*by Christian Burch.

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