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Is there a conflict between the policies of mandatory reporting and of patron confidentiality if we report the name, address, and other confidential information of the patron suspected of child abuse or neglect?
Doris Hicks
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We're working on something here at MCL--both a message for staff about their new 24/7 responsibilities as mandatory child abuse reporters and figuring out the training.

The Multnomah County Attorney has advised us that all library employees should consider themselves responsible under this law.  It is a personal responsibility and it doesn't go away just becasue your employer has a bad policy or bad training or didn't tell you about it.  So we do all have a responsibility to make sure that our employees are aware of this.

Our county attorney's office is working on an on-line training for all county staff who have this responsibility, but there are lots of potential sources of training.

Also, our attorney advises that library volunteers are NOT included.  The language about volunteers that was in the original bill was removed purposely before the final bill passed.

We'll be happy to share more when we get some messages finalized.  Though the law does not take effect until 1/1/13, we are hoping to get a message out to staff very shortly.

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Hi all:
Has anyone out there written new policy/procedure regarding library staff actions in light of the mandatory reporting law which now seems to applies to libraries? I know city attorneys have varying opinions about how this law applies to us, but ours is sticking with the 'better safe than sorry' approach. We had some training by DHS today and it reminded me that we need to have something in place to guide us internally.

Thanks for your help!

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