[Libs-Or] Wifi Activities that violate copyright

Perry Stokes director at bakerlib.org
Tue Apr 9 18:11:26 PDT 2013

We had a rash of about 3 infringement notices in 2010-11. Below is my
response to Sony.  Since implementing a network restriction of Peer-to-Peer
(P2P) services on our network, we have had no more issues.  

It's unclear whether our technical solution worked, the infringer stopped
offending, or Sony decided to give up on us for other reasons.


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Dear Sir or Madam:


This is to confirm receipt of a copyright infringement notice from your
office as forwarded to the Baker County Library District from David Crowe at
our ISP, Nero Network. 


While BCLD does not have the ability to identify the individual responsible
for triggering the infraction, our organization is committed to making a
good faith effort to obstruct any unauthorized distribution of copyrighted
works through our Internet network and to educate those who use our
facilities about copyright law.


Currently, our public computer users are required to agree to the following
notice and it is posted in the most popular WiFi use areas.


Notice: Warning of Copyright Restrictions As a patron, your ability to post
or link to copyrighted material is governed by United States copyright law.
The library reserves the right to delete or disable any post or link that,
in the judgment of library staff, violates copyright law. In accordance with
17 USC S 512 (i)(1)(A), the library may terminate a patron's access to the
system or network for disrespect of the intellectual property rights of
others, or for repeat infringements of copyright. The library has adopted
this policy and will make all reasonable effort to enforce it in appropriate


Also, within the next 30 days BCLD will be acquiring a new SonicWall network
appliance that will allow outgoing bit torrents and other P2P ports to be
disabled or throttled.  


We appreciate your correspondence and understanding that BCLD will make
every reasonable effort to prevent our Internet network from being used for
unlawful activities.





Perry Stokes, Director

Baker County Library District

2400 Resort St

Baker City, OR 97814

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541.523.9088 fax


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Has your library been contacted by anyone regarding a subpoena that concerns
illegal downloads or uploads using your library's wifi?  I am also
interested in finding out if and how you responded.  Thanks.

BJ Toewe

Salem Public Library

bjtoewe at cityofsalem.net


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