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Karen Seong KarenS at wccls.org
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I was also going to mention The Economist.
The most popular YA magazines we have are J-14 and Twist.

Karen Seong
Cedar Mill Community Library

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i posted this inquiry four years ago.  apologies to those with long memories or those who use the archive.

then again, much can change in a few years.

we are sprucing-up our periodical collection for the holidays.  Of our forty-some subscriptions, we carry most of the core, boilerplate, titles:  time, good housekeeping, sunset, architectural digest, people, etc.

we also have some regional-specific items: surfer, oregon coast, cowboys & indians.

My questions are twofold:

"if you could add just one new title to your adult periodical collection, what would it be?

"among your current titles, which do you consider having the most overall value?"

circulation doesnt necessary equate with value as many of our periodicals are used in-house.


thanks in advance,

dan cawley
seaside public library

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