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There has been a recent uptick in donations to "People for Oregon Libraries" the Political Action Committee dedicated to supporting candidates who support Oregon Libraries, but we can do better.
Remember, individuals can donate up to $50 to a political cause (such as People for Oregon Libraries) a year, $100 for a married couple.  Your donation is a tax CREDIT, meaning that if you pay any Oregon State Income tax, you can reduce your tax bill by the amount of your donation.  Essentially, you are saying "I want $50 of my state taxes dedicated to taxpayer supporter elections" and it is. You aren't paying $50 extra, you are essentially saying "use $50 of my tax money for this political purpose."  What a deal, and what a great way individuals can respond to organizations whose hands have been freed to make big anonymous contributions.
Here is a document from our State Library that has some specifics about the credit.
The Oregon Department of Revenue has an interesting website with data about these tax-credited contributions to political activities,  and to another tax credit program, the  "Oregon Cultural Trust."  It shows which counties have high contribution rates, average amounts, and income of those who tend to contribute.
Please make your contribution to People for Oregon Libraries by Dec 31.  We may not be able to 'buy votes', but we can support candidates that support libraries.
There are many ways to contribute. For online, go to https://rally.org/peoplefororegonlibrariespac/donate 
If you prefer, mail your check to People for Oregon Libraries PAC, c/o Nan Heim, 833 SW 11th Ave., #315, Portland OR 97205. 
If you contribute before December 31, you can take your contribution as a credit on your 2013 tax return, up to $100 on a joint return and $50 on a single return.

Let's take a stand for Oregon Libraries!
Tony Greiner

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