[Libs-Or] options for public computing

Leah Griffith leah.griffith at newbergoregon.gov
Sat Jan 12 12:14:52 PST 2013

Hi all, 

I've been looking at options for our public computing as we remodel our children's room and are thinking we don't want to put the big computers back in. 

So, I have a couple of questions for the collective: 

1.  Has anyone put iPads in their library, specifically for children?    How do you manage them, load only your apps and deal with reservations? 

2.  I've been reading about Chromebooks, especially in California where the state library did a $500,000+ grant and put thousands of Chromebooks out in libraries (10 to 50 per library) and they are actually letting people check them out to use at home for a week.   I'm looking more at using them within the library and again the whole reservation issue is huge as I will not go back to a sign up sheet after enjoying the automation of PC Reservation for years ;-) How does it work with the limitation of apps and googledocs?

Any others...  


Leah M. Griffith, Director
Newberg Public Library 
503 E. Hancock Street     Newberg, OR   97132
P 503-537-1256     F 503-538-9720

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