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Buzzy Nielsen buzzy at hoodriverlibrary.org
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I can't speak to the limitation of the online-only apps (personally, I 
detest Google docs), but I can say that you don't necessarily have to 
abandon reservation software. ChromeOS is a Linux distribution, and 
Libki ( http://libki.org/) is a PC reservation application that's 
compatible with Linux. It may take a bit of work, but I'd imagine that 
it could also work on ChromeOS. Since the OS primarily runs through a 
web browser, you might also check the Chrome Web Store to see if they 
have any apps/extensions for public-oriented computers. We use Firefox 
on our Linux-based public computers, and there's have a handy extension 
called Public Fox ( 
https://addons.mozilla.org/EN-us/firefox/addon/public-fox/), for 
instance. Chrome may have something similar.


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On 01/12/2013 12:14 PM, Leah Griffith wrote:
> 2.  I've been reading about Chromebooks, especially in California where the state library did a $500,000+ grant and put thousands of Chromebooks out in libraries (10 to 50 per library) and they are actually letting people check them out to use at home for a week.   I'm looking more at using them within the library and again the whole reservation issue is huge as I will not go back to a sign up sheet after enjoying the automation of PC Reservation for years;-)  How does it work with the limitation of apps and googledocs?

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