[Libs-Or] Surveys: CSLP 2013 Feedback, and 2016-17 Suggestions

Abbie Anderson aanderson at cclsd.org
Sun Oct 20 23:37:42 PDT 2013

Dear libs-or readers,

Please pardon cross-posting.

Now that all the Summer Reading materials have been put away, reports 
filed and applications for next year's Ready to Read grants submitted, 
it's time to think yet again about Summer Reading.

No matter what your job title is in the library, your opinions about 
Summer Reading matter. Your feedback on the CSLP surveys means a great 
deal for how CSLP continues to produce its materials and structure the 
program. The two surveys are just 16 questions long altogether, and the 
few minutes you spend giving your answers will make a difference for 
summers to come.

Without further ado, here are the links:

2013 Summer Reading Feedback:

2016-17 Summer Reading Suggestions:

Survey responses are due by January 20. I know you'll be looking 
forward to my reminder as the deadline draws near.

Thank you for all the work you do to make Summer Reading great!

All the best,
Abbie Anderson

Abbie Anderson
Assistant Director
North Bend Public Library

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