[Libs-Or] How to circulate book with loose inserts? (S. by JJ Abrams)

Liz Paulus LizP at wccls.org
Wed Apr 30 17:06:55 PDT 2014

Kirsten and all -
Our library is circulating that particular book with its slipcover, a  barcode on the book, and the stuff tucked in anywhere; the slipcover seems to help to keep the inserts in the book.  I love that the copy I borrowed from the library had its own property stamp layered over the faux property stamps from the fictional university and local school library referenced in the novel.
As a library book,  the item seems destined to a popular run which will lose some of its function with circulation. (Perhaps it will pick up new annotations as well as the ones printed on the page? :)
Regarding inserts and what not, the good news is (for something co-produced by none other than JJ Abrams) the fans will come to the rescue of the library patron. Plus, the publishers have done a lot to make it accessible in unexpected ways.
If something is out of order, there are full lists of every insert and their original page locations on the web (just one of several reliable inventories I found just now):  http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1589916-insert-inventory
If you wonder what it looked like new,  you can review someone's "unboxing" of the book, if you want to replicate the experience lost due to the library processing:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InC6jjUjZq8 (NOTE: there are spoilers in this video if you haven't read it yet - beware.)
Or, if you have to return the book too soon, and find that you want to know the story of the novel layered under all the other stuff, you can listen to the novel on audio (!? loses something in the translation, but it sounds wonderful spoken aloud):
It's a lot to take in - some people will pass, but those that take the journey will be nothing but intrigued and amazed.
For what it's worth -
Liz Paulus
Reference Librarian
Cedar Mill Community Library
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We numbered the pages and inserts 1,2,3,ect. and put an envelope with them all in the box with the book and hoped for the best.

I wish we'd thought to number them before we started taking them out, since apparently their placement in the book is of importance, but before we realized that it was too late. :P

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