[Libs-Or] Go for the Pre-conference, stay for the Banquet

Maureen Cole mcole at ci.oregon-city.or.us
Fri Feb 21 15:52:26 PST 2014

Now that OLA Conference registration has been posted, it's time to make that all important annual set of decisions.

-do I attend? Answer: Unequivocally YES
-what about pre-conferences? Answer: Absolutely. A wise choice would be "Mental Health Issue or Bad Hair Day?" hosted by PLD
-what about any other special events? Answer:  I'd recommend staying for both evening events, but certainly for the PLD Banquet hosted by PLD on Wednesday night. You might as well just make a PLD Day and Night of it.
-how do I choose between all the sessions? Answer: I always look to see what PLD is sponsoring first. You can't go wrong.
-who do I thank for all of this help? Answer: PLD is only too happy to serve in whatever way we can.

Mental Health Issue or Bad Hair Day?
This high energy interactive session will involve a combination of lecture and
audience participation. The first half of the training covers an overview of mental health and
substance use issues, and other types of situations that can cause people to become agitated.
We will review the science of communication, including proxemics, body language, facial
expression, paralanguage and words themselves. The second half of the training addresses
specific skills in a four-staged approach. Finally, this presentation discusses self-care and how
our own presence of mind can greatly affect the success or failure of the de-escalation process.
Presenters: Kathy Prenevost, LMSW, Mark Schorr, LPC
Sponsor: PLD

PLD Banquet

[cid:image001.jpg at 01CF2F19.A04A1050]What famous Portland author regularly works and writes
at the Multnomah County Library?

What famous Portland author extensively used the Oregon Historical Society over a period of several years to research his latest book?

What famous Portland author gratefully acknowledges 'he couldn't do it without libraries and librarians'?

Phillip Margolin, that's who! And that's who will be the guest speaker at the PLD Banquet on Wednesday, April 16th.

Please join us for

-Social Hour and a Half - 5:00 to 6:30 (no-host bar)
-Dinner - 6:30 (delicious dinner selections: Flat Iron Steak, Chicken Medallions, Vegan Portabella Marsala w/Parmesan Cheese on the side)

-Guest Speaker Author Phillip Margolin - 7:00

Phil will speak about his latest book, "Worthy Brown's Daughter", what inspired it and why it took so long to write. He'll share what he learned about practicing law in the 1850s and the heartbreaking case of Holmes v. Ford, which has consequences to this day.

The OLE Award (take the bull by the horns!) will also be presented. Tickets are only $34.95. Don't miss this evening of fabulous food, entertainment and company, hosted by PLD!

[cid:image005.jpg at 01CF2F1C.EABD0680]

Thank you for your time and attention and have a great weekend!

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