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Hi everyone, this announcement came to people registered for the upcoming Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Library Assessment Conference, and I wanted to be sure it got wide distribution. Basically, ARL and University of Washington are offering a discount on registration for the two days of the Assessment Conference that would most appeal to public librarians. See below for details.

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Subject: [ARL-ASSESS] Public Library Registration Package for Library Assessment Conference 2014

Library Assessment Conference offering special package for public libraries

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Public Library Registration Package for Library Assessment Conference 2014

by Angela Pappalardo | 202-296-2296<tel:202-296-2296> | laconf at arl.org<mailto:laconf at arl.org> | on June 16, 2014

[Public Library Registration Package for Library Assessment Conference 2014]<http://t.e2ma.net/click/t51gg/5uplnn/5u98ac>
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ARL and the University of Washington Libraries are offering a special $200 public library package for the 2014 Library Assessment Conference to be held August 4–6 in Seattle, Washington. The package includes conference attendance on Wednesday, August 6, and a choice of one workshop on Thursday, August 7. Traditionally, the conference has focused on academic libraries. This year, selected papers, panels, and workshops—especially those scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday during the conference—are of interest to public libraries.
Of particular note will be two sessions on Wednesday featuring Denise Davis (Sacramento Public Library), Mary Hirsh (Public Library Association), and Joe Matthews (author and consultant), who will lead a discussion of performance indicators and assessment for public libraries.
Thursday morning workshops of interest to public libraries include:

  *   Practical Strategies for Building Assessment Capacity in Libraries
  *   Getting the Message Out: Creating a Multi-Directional Approach to Communicating Assessment

To register for this special $200 package (including breakfast and lunch on Wednesday, August 6), please send an e-mail to laconf at arl.org<mailto:laconf at arl.org>.
To register for the full conference and view the program and workshop schedules, visit the Library Assessment Conference website<http://t.e2ma.net/click/t51gg/5uplnn/1fb9ac>.

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