[Libs-Or] No room at the inn?

Penny Hummel penny at pennyhummel.com
Fri Jun 20 21:35:29 PDT 2014

Hail, all Oregon librarians and library workers!  The Oregon Library Association needs some info from SOME of you!  

As OLA completes its evaluation of the 2014 conference, we know that one of the things we may be tweaking for future conferences is the number of hotel rooms  that are reserved at the conference hotel at the special conference rate—because this year’s capacity was too low.   

For some attendees, this meant they booked a room at the conference hotel (the Grand Hotel) at the regular (non-conference, higher) rate; for others, it meant they booked a room elsewhere.  What we are trying to estimate is how many additional rooms WOULD have been booked at the Grand Hotel at the conference rate had they been available.  This information will allow OLA to make future arrangements with our host hotels that better reflect the needs of the library community. 


If you attended the OLA conference in April but were not able to book a room at the Grand Hotel at the conference rate because they were all gone by the time you tried to make a reservation, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!  Please respond to me directly (not to the whole list-serve please!) so I can add you to the "tally of the turned away."   (If the room you were trying to book would have included a colleague, I just need to hear from one of you—we’re trying to estimate number of additional rooms needed, not number of people.) 

If you were able to get a room at the conference rate, ignore this message-- we already know exactly how many rooms were booked that way.  If you didn’t book a hotel room at all, you can also just delete this message.  

Thank you for helping OLA improve our annual conference!  See you next year in Eugene…  : )  

Penny Hummel
2013-14 President
Oregon Library Association 

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