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Another angle would be if a community foundation was started.   These can work with the Oregon Community Foundation and have separate funds within each community foundation.   It doesn't have the same "stigma" as a city foundation would have, but it would likely do the same thing.

However, having said that, I would encourage a separate library foundation as the board members would be more inclined to want to fund raise/gain endowments for a single group.

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People give to charitable organizations because they tend to support the organization's mission and purpose.   I believe the pool of people who would donate to support city government in general is small and what a city foundation would end up getting is designated donations for the library and parks and rec.   And some wouldn't give at all because they wouldn't believe their donations would be used as intended.     I would not think the  general assets of a city government foundation would grow all that rapidly.    It's hard enough to grow a library foundation!
Interesting question!  I am also curious to learn if there are successful city government (not community) foundations out there.


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I think you have correctly analyzed the pros and cons of the situation.  Given a choice, I would prefer a library foundation.  If a city foundation is the only option, it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

-Bob in Milton-Freewater

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Dear wonderful Library colleagues,
If I may be so bold as to make one last request concerning library foundations:
Does anyone work in a library that has a city foundation that supports the library instead of a library foundation?
 I just had someone ask how I would feel about a foundation that would support all city departments and the library would be just one of many areas that would receive support for large projects from it. My initial reaction was no because we have many people who love the library but don't always see the city in the same light (while this would be a separate board and a non-profit, people may not be able to distinguish between the two because city is attached to the name). I also know of cases where splitting the pot between departments (although thankfully not where I work) results in an imbalance of who gets what and can vary by governance.
One of our objectives in creating a library foundation is to put the funds apart from what is seen as city general fund/city funding that can potentially be taken over for use in ways other than for the library. I believe this would speak against joining a city foundation but I look forward to hearing other librarian's perspectives.

Thank you to everyone has tirelessly answered my many questions. It is very appreciated and has helped me so much as we move toward forming a library foundation.

Esther Moberg
Library Director
Seaside Public Library
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