[Libs-Or] Tuesday Topic: What Do I Do Now?

Garnetta Wilker gkwilker2 at gmail.com
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*Tuesday Topic Information Project: *
*Intellectual Freedom Committee*

Welcome to the second installment in a monthly series covering topics with
intellectual freedom implications for libraries of all types.  Each message
is prepared by members of OLA’s Intellectual Freedom Committee.  Look for
our message on a Tuesday each month of the academic year except
December.  Questions
can be directed to the IF Committee member who sent the message or to one
of the co-chairs of the IFC

*What Do I Do Now?  Intellectual Freedom Issues and the Library*

No matter how carefully you plan and prepare, unexpected issues can always
arise.  Your policies concerning meeting rooms, selection of materials,
internet usage, patron rights and responsibilities, use of patron
information, library programs, or even the art on the walls might be

Do you know what resources are available to help you respond to a challenge
or complaint in a thoughtful way that honors the rights and interests of
all of your patrons?  Though you may not have the answer immediately, you
can reassure questioners that they are being heard and that there are
policies in place.  When you need help, there are people you can contact.

Be ready when someone has questions.  Make sure your library has
well-considered policies that support everyone’s rights and interests.

*Where Can I Get Help?*

Oregon Library Association- Intellectual Freedom Committee
The IFC encourages libraries to develop policies related to intellectual
freedom, including selection, privacy and electronic transmission.  The
members of the committee are listed on the committee’s page.

Oregon State Library/ Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse
The clearinghouse maintains records related to challenges in Oregon and
provides information and resources to libraries dealing with challenges.

American Library Association- Office for Intellectual Freedom
The OIF educates librarians and the general public about the nature and
importance of intellectual freedom in libraries.

American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon <http://www.aclu-or.org/>
ACLU is a nonpartisan organization that works to preserve and enhance civil
liberties and civil rights.

Oregon Library Association Intellectual Freedom Toolkit
The IF Toolkit contains resources for all types of intellectual freedom
issues, including challenges to materials, privacy, collection development,
library policies and staff training.

*What Should I Do Before IF Issues Arise?*

Planning ahead is always a good idea.  It may not prevent all questions,
but everyone will be more prepared to deal with the questions.

o         *Policies* that delineate how spaces are used and services
provided should exist for all libraries.

o         *Review* your policies to make sure that potential legal and
intellectual freedom issues have been considered.

o         *Train* all staff in intellectual freedom issues and about
existing policies so that everyone responds in a way that supports the
policies for your facility.

Resources to help with policy development and review as well as with staff
training are available in the IF Toolkit.  Questions?  Contact any of these
members of the IFC.

Garnetta Wilker <gkwilker2 at gmail.com>, Co-Chair, Intellectual Freedom
Committee, Oregon Library Association

Roberta Richards <rrichard at pcc.edu>, Co-Chair, Intellectual Freedom
Committee, Oregon Library Association

Candace Morgan <cd_df_morgan at msn.com>, Member, Intellectual Freedom
Committee, Oregon Library Association

><((((º>·´¯`·.¸ .·´¯`·.. ><((((º>¸.·´¯`·.¸.·´¯`·...¸><((((º>·´¯`·.¸
Garnetta Wilker
Co-chair, Intellectual Freedom Committee, Oregon Library Association
K-12 Representative, Oregon Statewide Database Licensing Advisory Committee
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