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I love getting to tell stories with happy endings...

We have a modest CD collection of about 5900 titles. About 5600 (95% of
the collection) have checked-out in the last 18 months and 1500 are
currently checked out. Our CD circ is increasing by the month and has
consistently for over a year. When we moved all of our library AV (that
was previously located in our Computer lab area on the plaza level of
the library) to our main floor, the stats began to improve. We created
improved seating and wider spaced shelving there too. The combination of
careful collection maintenance and the prominent location have made a

So, I'm here to say the CDs are not dead here in Salem and (I believe)
are still "Your Best Entertainment Value"! See:

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Hello fellow librarians,
We’ve been wondering about public libraries and CD collections at my
library. Are CDs on the way out, or do they still circulate in
respectable numbers? As our younger and tech-ier patrons shift to
downloadable music and services like Pandora, are libraries changing
collection policies/procedures to reflect this? How are you envisioning
the future of CDs at your library – or are you?
I would appreciate any examples or feedback from others involved in
these decisions.
Thank you,
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