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Bill Landau blandau at co.tillamook.or.us
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We did this at my last library in Flagstaff, Arizona and it was a success. We were having so many request from the public to use our staff phones "just for a minute" and putting a free phone in the entryway totally eliminated that problem. Speculating that people would monopolize the phone with long calls, we had out IT staff install a three minute timer on the phone, so the call would disconnect after three minutes. Signage by the phone indicated the 3 minute limit and users would hear a beep when they had 30 seconds left. Perhaps a 5 minute limit would have been better.
One warning...do not ever publicize the actual digits of that free phone number as people will begin giving that out as their "home phone"! That happened in Flagstaff so we had to block all incoming calls to that line.
Good luck!

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Ted Smith <t.smith at newportlibrary.org> wrote:

We are considering getting rid of our pay phone and replacing it with a free phone for patrons.  Have or are any of your libraries providing a phone specifically for patron use.  I’m not talking about letting them use a staff phone at ref or circ, which we do for kids to call home for a ride.

My mind tells me this could create horror stories/situations, but maybe, just maybe it’s worked out for some of you?
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