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The ALA Committee on Accreditation is pleased to announce ALA Council
approval of the 2015 *Standards for Accreditation of Master’s Programs in
Library and Information Studies*

Brought forward into the new *Standards* with greater clarity is the
emphasis on planning, assessment, and evaluation to sustain quality. The
requirement to demonstrate how the results of evaluation are applied is now
a culminating aspect of each of the standards.

The five-plus-year *Standards *review process, documented at
http://www.oa.ala.org/accreditation/, resulted in three drafts issued for
comment. The final, approved version reflects suggestions from all sectors
of the profession, including, most notably, employers of LIS program
graduates, LIS program faculty, students, the ALA Council and Executive
Board, and affiliated associations.

Implementation of the 2015 *Standards* will begin immediately only for
those programs not already in the comprehensive review cycle. Specifically,

·         Programs scheduled for a comprehensive review visit in spring
2017 or later will begin reporting to the 2015 *Standards* beginning with
narrative reports due in December 2015. That way, the narrative reports can
aid development of the Program Presentation.

·         Programs with comprehensive review visits in spring 2015 through
fall 2016 will continue to report to the 2008 *Standards* until after the
accreditation decision is made. A program in this category has the option
to use the 2015 *Standards* upon written notification to the Office.

·         Programs placed on Conditional status under the 2008 *Standards*
will continue to report to the 2008 *Standards* until after the next
accreditation decision.

Please contact the COA secretariat, the Office for Accreditation at
accred at ala.org, if you have any questions.


Karen O'Brien x 2434

Director, Office for Accreditation

4th floor/40 East Huron building, take a left at the restrooms


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