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My original e-mail query should clearly have gone out to the Director’s list
only.  Put your hackles down, folks.  There’s no judgment here, I’m simply
doing my job in asking a question about a policy issue my board is looking
at and assessing risk so that my limited budget goes toward material and
programming and not lawsuits.  I’m sad to see information professionals
again using this forum to subtly question the intentions of their peers.


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I agree with Max in that I would like to know how libraries are planning to
serve, and bring into the library, this budding (sorry, couldn't help it)
new demographic. As a public librarian, I am really not interested in
banning or prohibiting use of the library or drugs. If I was interested, I
would have chosen another profession.

For instance, we finally got a medical marijuana book in our Reference
section. Now, I would like to know of more general Reference materials to
bring into the library for both recreational users and those concerned about
marijuana and its usage. Or, what kind of programs, especially educational,
are folks planning around this new law. I believe Max is presenting
something at OLA but is anybody planning events for their actual library.

In my experience, most behavioral issues I have to address in the library
revolve around alcohol use and/or mental issues unrelated to drugs. The
folks who stink like weed tend to be pretty nice. Maybe this law will be
good for us.

I guess what I'm saying is if we have to talk about pot in this forum,
shouldn't the discussion be centered around what we will do for these users?
I'm not really interested in discriminating against library users and I
really don't care what drugs they use. I would rather not know and prefer to
remain neutral.

I also agree with Buzzy in that I do not understand why marijuana is being
singled out as an issue for libraries. I think we should leave that to the
police who I doubt are very concerned about it these days.

Best regards,


On 2/20/2015 1:39 PM, Max Macias wrote:

I agree Buzzy.

I mean--do you all check everyone's water bottles to make sure there isn't
vodka in there?

I am wondering what everyone is doing to provide patrons with relevant,
useful solid information about cannabis use, medicinal cannabis use and the
cannabis business.

These are all questions librarians will be asked, and we should have answers
that don't revolve around sending people to the DEA web site.

People might want to think about serving human information needs, then
keeping people out of the library and "What if they do this, or what if they
do thats?"  IMO



Many US veterans find PTSD relief from medicinal cannabis.



Will you try to keep them out of your library if they smoked or ingested
cannabis hours before?



How many hours/days must a person be sober before they can enter the


What is the legal limit for being in the library?


How will you be able to tell if someone's red eyes are from an allergy or
from being baked?


It seems like it would be a mistake to travel down the routes of trying to
figure these things out and sticking to "illegal behavior."


You patrons have information needs about cannabis--how will you help them
with those needs?




Max Macias 


On Fri, Feb 20, 2015 at 1:27 PM, Buzzy Nielsen <buzzy at hoodriverlibrary.org>

I guess I'm just not seeing the rationale for specifically calling out
marijuana. Noncommercial exchanges of legal goods happen all the time in our
buildings. As long as there's no illegal activity happening and it's not
adversely affecting library operations. It seems like you'd just be making
more work for yourself having to police it.

Also, you might want to look into whether it's permissible to forbid people
from posting legal marijuana-related content on your public bulletin boards.
At least when I looked it up, publicly-accessible library bulletin boards
fall under the same "limited public forum" case law as public meeting rooms.


Library Director
Hood River County Library District
502 State Street
Hood River, Oregon 97031

On 02/20/2015 01:13 PM, BCLD Library Director wrote:

I recently attended at the SDAO Conference and learned that 

·         while public consumption is prohibited, possession and delivery
(sharing for noncommercial purposes)  of fairly large quantities are


A number of scenarios of concern occurred to me regarding lawful delivery
for “noncommercial purposes.”  Below is a draft Q&A I’ve started to craft
for staff guidance. I will need to run it by legal counsel when ready.


 <http://ref.sdao.com/conference/2015/oday.pdf> Administering Oregon's
Marijuana Law | Sean O'Day and Rob Bovett  

Powerpoint slides (pdf) http://ref.sdao.com/conference/2015/oday.pdf 

See page 14.

Effective July 1, 2015, a person 21 or older can:

·         Deliver to another person 21 or older, for noncommercial purposes,
up to:

o   1 ounce of homegrown marijuana;

o   1 pound of solid homegrown marijuana products; and

o   4 ½ pounds of liquid homemade marijuana products.




Can people use the library as a space to trade/exchange their homegrown

Probably not. It seems reasonable to interpret any kind of exchange of goods
as “commercial” activity, so that would be out.  


Since non-commercial sharing is legal, can someone set a up a little
giveaway station at a library table?

Probably not. Section 56 would appear to prohibit such open displays in
common areas. 


Meas. 91, Section 56.
<http://www.oregon.gov/olcc/marijuana/Documents/Measure91.pdf>  Homegrown
marijuana in public view prohibited. (1) No person may

produce, process, keep, or store homegrown marijuana or homemade marijuana

if the homegrown marijuana or homemade marijuana products can be readily
seen by

normal unaided vision from a public place.


Can someone use a tutor room for sharing (which would not be readily seen)
and just post their availability hours or a contact number for appointments
on the bulletin board?

I haven’t yet found anything to prohibit it, so that scenario may need to be
addressed by a policy.


Additional seminar handouts




Perry Stokes | Library Director 

Baker County Library District | 2400 Resort St | Baker City, OR 97814

o: 866-297-1239 | m: 541.403.0450 | f: 541-523-9088 | e:
director at bakerlib.org


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