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Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon kincanj at wou.edu
Tue Feb 24 20:08:11 PST 2015

Kirsten, we also proctor exams at Western Oregon U. I am the proctor of
record, I have one staff person who shares the bulk of the proctoring with
me, and I occasionally farm appointments out to other colleagues if
schedules or illness make it necessary. The room we place the student in is
within our staff work area, and we see the computer screen through the
window in the door. I've occasionally seen that requirement--to be in the
same room as the student--but I ignore it since our setup allows us to
monitor the student without them knowing when we peek in. (That said, I do
remember once or twice when I bought my laptop into the room and worked
while the exam went on. I don't remember why I decided that was warrented.)
I think if your physical arrangement allows for unobserved monitoring, you
are good; if it doesn't, the proctor should be in the room with the student.
We do have info on the web
<http://research.wou.edu/content.php?pid=328718&sid=2848537#10320777> about
proctoring, for what it's worth.

Do the services you provide at your library include test proctoring? If so,
what guidelines have you put in place for staff proctoring tests? We
occasionally receive requests, most of which are pretty easy to
accommodate, but occasionally the test requires that the proctor remain in
the room for the entirety of the test -- which doesn't seem like a very
good use of staff time. Any thoughts?

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