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Please post and share this opportunity with OLA members. This will be a
short drive away - Seattle!

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Subject: ARLIS/NA+VRA 2016 Joint Conference Call for Proposals
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ARLIS/NA+VRA 2016 Joint Conference Call for Proposals

The Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) and Visual Resources
Association (VRA) Joint Conference, *Natural Connections,* will be held
March 8-12, 2016, in Seattle, Washington. The Joint Conference Program
Committee invites proposals for innovative and forward-thinking sessions,
individual presentations, and workshops that highlight natural connections
in our work.

Seattle is the ideal environment to bring together diverse professionals to
meet and learn, reflect on our common values, and refresh our
perspectives. *Natural
Connections* abound among our professional associations, and also
throughout the Puget Sound region between its people and nature, technology
and sustainability, and environmental stewardship and the practical needs
of a city.

What natural connections are you making in your practice of art
librarianship, visual resources management, and innovative scholarship?
Please consider sharing your inspired ideas and proven strategies with your
colleagues in Seattle. The Program Planning Committee is especially seeking
proposals that engage attendees with active learning opportunities and
provide attendees with practical approaches for implementing new ideas and
technologies. The Committee encourages submissions from all interested
individuals, including ARLIS/NA + VRA members and non-members.

Let the* Natural Connections* theme inspire you! A few examples to spark
your creativity:

digital humanities/digital scholarship + visual literacy + users/community

diversity + collections

architecture + new tools & technologies

career planning + new members + retirees

When you submit your proposal, please apply 1-4 of the following tags that
represent your *Natural Connections*. You will be able to select these on
the submission form. Or add your own!


architecture/built environment/landscape architecture/urban planning

art and design



career planning/professional development


copyright/intellectual property/open access/creative commons

digital humanities/digital scholarship


e-content/content delivery/DAMS/digitizing

environmental stewardship

facilities planning


new members


resource sharing


tools & technologies


visual literacy

*Types of Proposals*

*Presentation*: A single submission of an individual presentation,
potentially addressing new research, a case study, or other innovative
idea. Presentations should share new information with attendees, and should
provide attendees with new tools, strategies, skills, or inspiration. The
Conference Program Co-Chairs and the Conference Program Committee will
group 2 to 4 selected presentations in a Session that runs from 60 to 90

*Session*: A 60- to 90-minute event with speakers addressing a common topic
or theme. A session could involve 2-4 speakers with a moderator, multiple
lightning talks, or other possibilities. Describe your ideal session format
and include the names of suggested speakers in session proposals, if known.
Suggesting a moderator is optional.

*Special Interest/User Group:* A 60- to 90-minute informal facilitated
group discussion on topics related to a specific community within either or
both ARLIS/NA and VRA.

*Workshop*: An opportunity to teach and explore current and emerging topics
in an intimate atmosphere. Workshops encourage a focused, hands-on
experience led by experts who combine active learning, collaboration, and
discussions. Sessions last two, four, or eight hours. Consider ways to
benefit from local educational or cultural institutions in the Seattle area.

*How to Submit Proposals*

Submit your individual presentation and session proposals via our online
submission form

Submit your workshop proposals via our online submission form

Calls for Poster Sessions and Moderators will go out in the fall.


Deadline for submissions is* Friday, June 26, 2015*.


Please contact any of your Seattle 2016 Conference Program Co-Chairs with
questions. We’re happy to help!

ARLIS/NA+VRA Conference Program Co-Chairs:

Chris Strasbaugh (VRA), Director of Visual Resources, Vanderbilt
University, c.strasbaugh at Vanderbilt.edu
Dan McClure (ARLIS/NA), Director of Library Services, Pacific Northwest
College of Art, dmcclure at pnca.edu
Denise Hattwig (ARLIS/NA), Curator, Digital Collections, University of
Washington Bothell Library, dhattwig at uw.edu


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