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Absolutely not Dune.

Artisan finger-typed communique.

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How about:  Dune / by Frank Herbert?  First published 1965.


Desert planet
Hot atmosphere
Leathery skin
Magic substance that gives powers

Melissa Hartley
Valley Library
Oregon State University

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Hi Great Brain,

I'm hoping someone can help me out with this stumper.

Here is what I know:

The juvenile science fiction book (or short story) begins with a guy being interviewed by a computer. He is sent to some sort of desert planet or desert world that is inhabited by beings with leather skin. It is very hot there, but there is a fruit he can eat that helps him tolerate the heat and also makes him be able to go very fast.

The patron is a gentleman who I would guess is in his 50s or 60s, and he read it as a kid, so I would guess it was probably published in the 1960s or before.

I did a google search and was able to find somebody else on a science fiction forum searching for what I believe may be the same book. The clue I got from that was that the person thinks the planet or world may be called something like Alpha. But I'm not sure if this is just a false lead or not. I'm wondering if the author possibly could be Robert Silverberg, and if the story may be Revolt on Alpha C, but I can't find enough of a description to find out whether it matches the patron's description, and when he reads the description, it doesn't ring a bell with him.

Any ideas?

Holly Polivka

Youth Services Librarian

Tigard Public Library


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