[Libs-Or] when to call 911 for medical intervention when patron says no

Valerie Hauser vhauser at ccrls.org
Sat Nov 14 15:11:08 PST 2015

As Leah said, there is no charge for people to be evaluated by fire/ems,
but the ambulance ride is upwards of $1000. When a friend who was staying
with me after surgery became nearly incoherent, the responders said she
needed to be taken by ambulance. Thankfully, they checked their computer
and found that she had the $50 per year policy which paid for the
ambulance, which was a huge relief to me. So, if you're in that position,
but sure to have the responders check for that.

Valerie Hauser
Jefferson Public Library

On Sat, Nov 14, 2015 at 12:57 PM, Leah Griffith <
leah.griffith at newbergoregon.gov> wrote:

> We call 911 and our fire/ems come and they make the assessment and deal
> with the person if they refuse transport.    Obviously, when it is
> something minor we try to use good judgement (would we call if it was our
> child with the injury), but we've been faced with those situations too.
> Because we have a combined fire/ems there is no charge to the patron
> unless they are transported so we aren't forcing a $1,000 bill on someone
> who regularly has medical issues that are alarming to us, but a normal
> everyday occurrence for them.
> We also tell the patron that we are calling because we need to for our
> policies and that there is no charge to have the fire/ems come over.  That
> usually makes them ok with it.
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> Hi everyone:
> Yesterday we had a situation in which a person, with a scary but according
> to her non-life-threatening medical condition, had what appeared to be a
> seizure; however, she requested that we not call an ambulance. That request
> went out the window when she appeared to be having trouble breathing. But
> it raised the very real question-when do you call for medical assistance
> against a patron’s wishes?
> Obviously, we all have to make judgement calls based on the information at
> hand. In addition to the person with the medical need, we have to think
> about the rest of the library. But, in your experience do you have any
> wisdom that helps quide you when this comes up? I believe all medical
> personnel would say call them immediately; what are your thoughts as a
> library employee charged with the safety of all patrons?
> Thanks for your collective wisdom and feedback. Have a great weekend!
> Mo
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