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Great news, Harold! Thanks for sharing. Hoping this is a sign of better 
times to come for Douglas County. Good work! Your voters best follow suit...


On 11/25/2015 4:34 PM, Harold A. Hayes wrote:
> Press Release from the Ford Family Foundation & email from the Oregon 
> Community Foundation:
> A bridge to the ballot
> Douglas County Library System receives short-term funding from
> The Ford Family Foundation, The Oregon Community Foundation, others
> In a highly unusual move, The Ford Family Foundation has awarded the 
> Douglas County Library System a $300,000 time-limited grant to support 
> operating costs. The grant will serve as a critical bridge to a public 
> vote in 2016 that will decide the future of the library system. Since 
> 2007, Douglas County funding for the library has been cut by more than 
> half. By 2019, no Douglas County general funds will be allotted to the 
> library.
> "The grant is a one-time exception for the Foundation," said Anne 
> Kubisch, president of The Ford Family Foundation. "We do not fund 
> operating costs of a publically funded system due to a decrease in 
> public funds. However, our Board of Directors believes that losing the 
> Douglas County Library will have a negative economic impact on the 
> area. Like good schools, public libraries are an incentive for 
> businesses and families to locate in Douglas County."
> The Ford Family Foundation grant is designed to help keep the main and 
> branch libraries open at current levels until next November when 
> voters will decide on a library tax district.
> "This is only a bridge to the ballot in 2016," Kubisch emphasized. 
> "After that, the library's fate will be decided by Douglas County voters."
> Other funders are also stepping up to help support operating and 
> materials costs until the 2016 ballot. They include: The Cow Creek 
> Foundation, and The Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) including the 
> Lilja Family Fund, the Ben Serafin Fund, the Crane Creek Family Fund 
> and the Whipple Foundation Fund.
> ***
> From Joan Kearns of the Oregon Community Foundation:
> Good Afternoon! I am pleased to share that the OCF board of directors 
> approved several grants yesterday in support of the Douglas County 
> Library System for the Library Tax District Bridge Funding Project.   
> They are as stated below:
> From The Oregon Community Foundation (discretionary grant program):
> Douglas County Library Foundation         $73,000            to be 
> used only to support the Douglas County Library System for the Library 
> Tax District Bridge Funding project.  Grant funds are not to be used 
> to meet any other request submitted to the foundation by the Douglas 
> County Library System or other Douglas County Library Foundation 
> commitments to the stated project, the “Community Campaign” or the 
> “Enhancement Campaign”.
> From OCF advised funds:
> Douglas County Library System                 for the Library Tax 
> District Bridge Funding project.
>                $ 50,000              Crane Creek Family Fund
>                $ 25,000              Whipple Foundation Fund (with an 
> additional $25,000 to be considered in early 2016)
>                              $ 20,000              Lilja Family Fund 
> to be dedicated to the branches in southern Douglas County
>                $ 7,000               Ben Serafin Fund to be dedicated 
> to the Glide Branch.
> $175,000 Total awarded now with an additional $25,000 under consideration.
> Award letters and checks (likely to arrive under separate envelopes) 
> should arrive by the end of November.  I am happy to visit by phone in 
> the next week or two if you have any questions or concerns.  I would 
> welcome the opportunity to visit with you!
> Congratulations!
> We applied for these grants with the intent to provide support to the 
> library system as Douglas County significantly cuts the library budget 
> (25% this fiscal year and an expected 25% cut next). These monies are 
> largely geared towards augmenting operations. We will be putting these 
> dollars towards staffing and open hours in the branches and increases 
> in staffing at Roseburg. These changes will be for calendar year 2016. 
> We anticipate the PAC “Save Our Libraries” put a tax district on the 
> ballot in Nov. 2016
> Harold A. Hayes
> Library Director
> Douglas County Library System
> 1409 NE Diamond Lake Blvd.
> Roseburg, OR 97470
> 541-440-4311
> hahayes at co.douglas.or.us
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