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Amazing and wonderful news!
Great job HaroldŠ!

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Subject:  [Libs-Or] Douglas County Library System Grants for Operations
Support 2016

Press Release from the Ford Family Foundation & email from the Oregon
Community Foundation:
A bridge to the ballot
Douglas County Library System receives short-term funding from
The Ford Family Foundation, The Oregon Community Foundation, others
In a highly unusual move, The Ford Family Foundation has awarded the Douglas
County Library System a $300,000 time-limited grant to support operating
costs. The grant will serve as a critical bridge to a public vote in 2016
that will decide the future of the library system. Since 2007, Douglas
County funding for the library has been cut by more than half. By 2019, no
Douglas County general funds will be allotted to the library.
"The grant is a one-time exception for the Foundation," said Anne Kubisch,
president of The Ford Family Foundation. "We do not fund operating costs of
a publically funded system due to a decrease in public funds. However, our
Board of Directors believes that losing the Douglas County Library will have
a negative economic impact on the area. Like good schools, public libraries
are an incentive for businesses and families to locate in Douglas County."
The Ford Family Foundation grant is designed to help keep the main and
branch libraries open at current levels until next November when voters will
decide on a library tax district.
"This is only a bridge to the ballot in 2016," Kubisch emphasized. "After
that, the library's fate will be decided by Douglas County voters."
Other funders are also stepping up to help support operating and materials
costs until the 2016 ballot. They include: The Cow Creek Foundation, and The
Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) including the Lilja Family Fund, the Ben
Serafin Fund, the Crane Creek Family Fund and the Whipple Foundation Fund.
>From Joan Kearns of the Oregon Community Foundation:
Good Afternoon!   I am pleased to share that the OCF board of directors
approved several grants yesterday in support of the Douglas County Library
System for the Library Tax District Bridge Funding Project.   They are as
stated below:
>From The Oregon Community Foundation (discretionary grant program):
Douglas County Library Foundation         $73,000            to be used only
to support the Douglas County Library System for the Library Tax District
Bridge Funding project.  Grant funds are not to be used to meet any other
request submitted to the foundation by the Douglas County Library System or
other Douglas County Library Foundation commitments to the stated project,
the ³Community Campaign² or the ³Enhancement Campaign².
>From OCF advised funds:
Douglas County Library System                 for the Library Tax District
Bridge Funding project.
               $ 50,000              Crane Creek Family Fund
               $ 25,000              Whipple Foundation Fund (with an
additional $25,000 to be considered in early 2016)
                             $ 20,000              Lilja Family Fund to be
dedicated to the branches in southern Douglas County
               $   7,000               Ben Serafin Fund to be dedicated to
the Glide Branch.
$175,000             Total awarded now with an additional $25,000 under
Award letters and checks (likely to arrive under separate envelopes) should
arrive by the end of November.  I am happy to visit by phone in the next
week or two if you have any questions or concerns.  I would welcome the
opportunity to visit with you!
We applied for these grants with the intent to provide support to the
library system as Douglas County significantly cuts the library budget (25%
this fiscal year and an expected 25% cut next). These monies are largely
geared towards augmenting operations. We will be putting these dollars
towards staffing and open hours in the branches and increases in staffing at
Roseburg. These changes will be for calendar year 2016. We anticipate the
PAC ³Save Our Libraries² put a tax district on the ballot in Nov. 2016
Harold A. Hayes
Library Director
Douglas County Library System
1409 NE Diamond Lake Blvd.
Roseburg, OR 97470
hahayes at co.douglas.or.us
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