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Subject: Northwest History Network Microfunding Program for Emerging History Projects
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NHN is pleased to announce that its Microfunding Program for emerging history projects will run again in 2016! The program is open to members and non-members. Please see below for details on applying.
Northwest History Network - Call for Microfunding Proposals
The Northwest History Network is seeking applications for competitive awards of up to $250 to fund equipment, services, and other one-time needs for history projects. Proposed projects should advance one or more of NHN’s organizational goals:
•  Provide professional support for community partners documenting, preserving, and/or presenting their histories.
•  Facilitate communication and foster collaboration between public and private organizations, educational institutions, libraries, museums, and archives.
•  Protect and increase preservation and access to historical resources and materials.
•  Expand historical education by using non-traditional venues to present public history projects.
•  Use varied strategies and technologies to promote appreciation and understanding of the past.
•  Foster a non-competitive and supportive atmosphere for those committed to public history.
To apply, please respond to the following:
1. Project title or brief description (15 words or less)
2. Contact information for Project Director (individual responsible for managing project and communicating with NHN)
3. Summary of project (200 words or less)
4. Describe how this project relates to NHN’s organizational goals listed above (200 words or less)
5. Amount of funding requested up to $250 and how it will be used
Submit completed proposals to the NHN Project Committee at bryans1212 at q.com<mailto:bryans1212 at q.com>. Proposals are due July 1, 2016, and will be evaluated by the Project Committee. In August, the Project Committee will recommend projects to the NHN Board for funding. Applicants will be notified of the Board’s decision by early September. Awardees will be asked to write a short summary and report of their project to share with the NHN.
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