[Libs-Or] Be An OLA Conference Buddy in Bend!!

Jenkins LUMPKIN jenkinsl at multco.us
Tue Apr 12 17:06:48 PDT 2016

Introducing a New Program for OLA Annual:  Be a Conference Buddy!!

This year at OLA Annual, over 1 in 4 conference attendees will be at OLA
Annual <https://orlib16.wordpress.com/> for the very first time!!  The New
Member Round Table wants to help ensure that each First Time Conference
Goers’ (FTCG) experience at OLA Annual is meaningful, relevant, stress-free
- and fun!!

Experienced conference goers attending OLA 2016 are invited to be a buddy
for a first-time attendee by providing advice and guidance during the
conference.  It’s really easy -- you don’t have to have all the answers,
just be willing to help a newbie out!  If you've ever been to an OLA Annual
conference before and are willing to help a new person navigate the
conference and learn more about OLA, that's all it takes!

I want to help a newbie out!  How does this work?


   Complete the Volunteer to be a Conference Buddy at OLA
   Form to give the FTCG an idea of what you’re about - your interests and
   areas of expertise.

   Once you’ve filled out the form, put your name next to your preferred
   time on the OLA Annual Conference Buddy & FTCG Sign Up Sheet

Buddy options are really flexible!  They just involve sitting with a newbie
for a lunch, business meeting, or a special event that you’d be attending
anyway - so not a huge commitment in time and/or energy.

Hey, it’s my first OLA Annual!  How do I get a Buddy?

First Time Conference Goers (FTCG) will have a chance to sign up for a
conference buddy soon!!  This is the perfect way to learn more about OLA
and expand your professional network in an informal, casual way.

What if I have questions? Problems? Kitten Memes?

Just use the OLA Conference Buddy & FTCG Program Inquiry Form
to contact Conference Buddy & FTCG  administrators with any questions - and
memes are welcome, too!

See you in Bend for #ORLib16!!

- OLA New Member Round Table (NMRT)

*Jenkins Lumpkin*
*Senior Office Assistant*
Human Resources & Finance
Multnomah County Library
919 NE 19th Avenue | Suite 250 | Portland, OR | 97232
Telephone: 503.988.7870
jenkinsl at multco <jenkinsl at multcolib.org>.us
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