[Libs-Or] Questions for Libraries With 3D Printers

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You might check out this book via interlibrary loan from the State Library. It "Answers common questions about implementing a makerspace project, detailing how libraries are addressing issues such as registration, usage policy, noise, software programs in digital workspaces, adapting spaces, funding, and promotion;"


Bagley, Caitlin, LITA. Makerspaces: Top Trailblazing Projects, A LITA Guide. Chicago: ALA, 2014. 027 Bagle.  ISBN 978-1-55570-990-7

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Hi everyone,

This question is for those of you who have experience with 3D printers.
A generous patron has just donated a 3D printer to our library (Yay,
maker spaces!) We are extremely excited about it, but with that
excitement come some concerns, such as:

What kinds of policies do you have for 3D printer usage? Did you have to
do anything to address the noise? It's not very loud, but since it does
print for extended periods of time we are afraid that might annoy some
patrons. We are also wondering specifically about pricing policies.

We also realize that unforeseen issues and concerns will likely arise.
Any knowledge that you have for us is greatly appreciated!

If you're curious about our printer, you can check it out at the
following link:


Once again, we REALLY appreciate any advice you 3D printing gurus have
for us! Thank you!


Gary Furuyama, MLS
Digital Literacy & Job Skills Trainer
United Communities AmeriCorps
Coos Bay Public Library
525 Anderson Avenue
Coos Bay, OR 97420
gfuruyama at cclsd.org
(541) 404-3443
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