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Spread the word- and contact our senators.

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Please forward and repost to your networks, encouraging everyone to call
their Senators to confirm Carla Hayden as Librarian of Congress.  Feel free
to use the link, text, or tweet  below:



The Senate Rules Committee voted unanimously this afternoon to recommend
that the full Senate approve the nomination of Dr. Carla Hayden to serve as
the nation’s next, first female, first African American and just fourteenth
Librarian of Congress in history. As the Committee’s vote was announced,
ALA launched a large-scale grassroots and social media campaign to
encourage all Senators to support her confirmation, and to urge Senate
Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to schedule a Senate vote on her
nomination immediately.

In a statement released
immediately after the Committee’s vote, ALA president Sari Feldman said:
“Once confirmed, she will be the perfect Librarian to pilot the Library of
Congress fully into the 21st century, transforming it again into the social
and cultural engine of progress and democracy for all Americans that it was
meant to be.” Feldman then called upon Dr. Hayden’s supporters “in every
corner of the nation” to use “ALA’s Legislative Action Center
<http://cqrcengage.com/ala/> to contact every Senator — whether by email,
tweet or phone — with this simple message:  Please confirm Dr. Carla Hayden
now!”  Given the Rules Committee’s strong endorsement, and the absence of
any public opposition to her nomination, that vote easily could come before
the Senate takes its extended summer recess in mid-July, and quite possibly
before the fast-approaching Independence Day recess beginning July 1st.
That means there’s no time to lose to show your support for librarianship
and Dr. Hayden.

Fortunately, contacting your two U.S. Senators by emailing, tweeting or
phoning them couldn’t be easier. Just access ALA’s Legislative Action Center
<http://cqrcengage.com/ala/>, choose your preferred method of
communicating, and follow the few easy prompts. (You’ll also find more
background on Dr. Hayden and the history of the Librarian’s position at the
Action Center, and here
if you like.)

Once confirmed, Dr. Hayden — a past-President of ALA — will be the first
professional librarian to be named Librarian of Congress in over 60 years.
Don’t hide your pride!  Please, take action now — and encourage your
friends and colleagues to do the same — to make that a historic reality
very soon.



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