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I would like to share the final report of  ALA Presidential Task force on
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

I was honored to work on this as a representative of REFORMA.

Please share this with your networks.

This has been a long time coming and I want to acknowledge amazing people
who made up the task force!

Trevor A. Dawes, Co-Chair
Martin L. Garnar, Co-Chair and GLBTRT Representative
 Naomi R. Caldwell, AILA Representative
Melissa I. Cardenas-Dow, APALA Representative
Suzhen Chen, CALA Representative
Leslie Campbell Hime, EMIERT Representative
Andrew P. Jackson, BCALA Representative
Majed J. Khader, Chapter Relations Committee Representative
Max Macias, REFORMA Representative
Mike L. Marlin, ASCLA Accessibility Assembly Representative
Alanna Aiko Moore, Committee on Diversity Representative
LaJuan Pringle, SRRT Representative
Mark A. Puente, Member-at-Large
Teri Sierra, Membership Meetings Committee Representative
Nancy Snyder, Member-at-Large
Julie B. Todaro, Executive Board Liaison
Jody Gray, Staff Liaison

Previous members of the Task Force include:
Danielle Geller, AILA Representative
Louis Munoz, Committee on Diversity Representative
Jerome Offord, BCALA Representative
Lian Ruan, CALA Representative
Barbara Stripling, Executive Board Liaison
Gwendolyn Prellwitz, Staff Liaison

Link to ALA Connect Page with PDF of report:


A copy of the original word document is attached for those with
accessibility issues.


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You will see that the TF final report has been posted to ALA Connect.

It is fine to share it with your respective groups or more broadly,
provided that you note that we are aware of the accessibility issues with
this document.  I am happy to send the original MS-Word documents to anyone
who requests it, or you may share them (they are attached)



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