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Tue Jun 28 12:54:57 PDT 2016

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Good afternoon!
Some of you may have attended the PNR Rendezvous<http://nnlm.gov/pnr/training/PNRrendezvous.html> session back in February this year where we had journalist Sally James speak about the use of social media by patients and healthcare professionals.  It was one of our best attended events and the recording continues to be viewed. Sally has contacted me recently to get some discussion going about health literacy and communication and the role that public libraries could have in that.  She submitted this idea to the #cancermoonshot website that is part of the National Institutes of Health<https://www.nih.gov/>.

I encourage public libraries to participate because you are such a vital role in your communities. If you want to start a health reference service or perhaps strengthen the one you already have consider contacting us here at the NN/LM PNR<http://nnlm.gov/pnr> to see what we can provide in taking those steps whether it is classes, brochures, funding or just an informal chat.

Take a look at Sally's idea and include your thoughts and ideas in the discussion and spread the word!

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