[Libs-Or] share your experience on food for fines program

Kridler, Emma Emma.Kridler at oregonstate.edu
Wed Oct 5 13:26:19 PDT 2016

Hey all:
The Circulation department in my library (Valley Library, OSU) is considering starting a food for fines (F4F) program. I am wondering if those who have already tried this have any advice? My supervisor is also asking how taking food donations will impact our department dollar-wise.  Can you share an approximate dollar amount of fines forgiven during a F4F event, and for comparison to our size and volume, your annual circulation count? Since our department has never tried a program like this before, we have absolutely no data to even speculate on.
Thoughts and advice would be appreciated before next Friday, Oct. 14th.
Thank you!!

Emma Kridler
Circulation Desk
Valley Library
Oregon State University

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