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 This Week's Tech-Talk:  OFFICE

1. VIDEO ... Losing an Unsaved Document (or Not)
2. ARTICLE ... Losing an Unsaved Document (or Not)
3. COMMUNICATING ... "What makes you say that?"

NOTE: To view the VIDEO, click here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001e3cGxhRYYFXksO8sa7fKCqjeQPO7mV-RNUZbyDNx7ASigN_C5AU8BXsnw4AaIyfT5Z8F430TEWL0oVa1VX2GXCcM4GpSW95mif4d7PCqlGQCLXJ7-6XHDCQ1m0A5sF5LjLxxRVhcOxa58W0c2q1txOCWN5Ko7soXXKosVxGhRWkudD82ieP2C9Yc5o82wqaDn2IZS5v88TI=&c=LubKCUiCobQjb3oxQ2zd8sw4_SkKuee-S8qcq5m53UheIPZZ5IjcAw==&ch=YQMPyBxyOTyToGrfN0t0bQrZ9muva2xzyxQgGIWpcAsFKwUSmkumBg==>. Enter the User Name and Password!

Tech-Talk: OFFICE - Losing an Unsaved Document (or Not)


"Oh my gosh, it's GONE!

You know, that sinking feeling when you closed a document on which you spent hours working ... and it was NOT saved!  It never had a name, so you have nothing!

Or you're in a software program such as Word (Excel, PowerPoint) and it freezes up and closes down when you are in the middle of working on something (and you haven't named it yet).

Everything is gone, disappeared!

Fortunately Microsoft  has your back.  You just have to know what to do.  You can recover un-saved documents!

This article shows you how to get back documents you've lost ... even though they've NOT yet been named or saved.

WARNING: This assumes that you have been working on the document longer than your auto-save settings (see below) and that you have not completely turned off your computer and re-booted, eliminating the temporary files.

Retrieve Unsaved Files

[recover unsaved doc]

This feature works in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, so we'll demonstrate the steps in Word 2013. Look for similar options in other programs (and versions).

If you have accidentally closed a Word document without saving it:
·     Open Word.
·     Go up to File, make sure you’re in the Info section in the left menu.
·     Click on the Manage Versions option.
·     Select Recover Unsaved Documents.
·     Great ... you'll see your unsaved files! Word has added a copy of these drafts.

[unsaved files]

·     Select the file name you would like to view and then click the Open button.
·     The document will open as a "Recovered Unsaved File".
·     Click the Save As button to be sure to keep the file for future use. NOTE: In Excel it may show "Restore" unsaved file.

Autosave Options

Word, Excel and PowerPoint have an auto-save feature where the default is set to capture your material every 10 minutes.

This means if you close a brand new, unsaved document in under that time, the document will not be available. It also means that if something happens (a freeze or erroneous close) in a previously saved document, everything you've done in that 10 minutes is lost.

So we suggest changing the default to something lower, such as 3 minutes. Go to File and then Options. Click Save and then decrease the AutoRecover option.

NOTE:  You must set this up in EACH program: Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

[autosave options]


Communications - Talking
"What makes you say / ask that?"

Oh boy, do these five little words produce!

"What makes you say that?"

When you use this phrase right after offering a simple (and often vague) comment to the question, you will learn all kinds of things.  Your asking  an open-ended question that lets the other person really share the reason for the statement.

You'll get insight.  So don't just answer and assume you know the "why".  Ask, "What makes you say that?"  Try it. See what golden nuggets you get!


I’ve got a project you might like.
     Great, what makes you say that?

You’ve done a wonderful job on this.
     Thanks, what makes you say that?

I think we should skip the outing tomorrow.
     Maybe.  What makes you say that?

A Slight Variation

Hey, are you busy tomorrow?
     Not sure. What makes you ask that?

Do we have money in the fund for another printer?
     I’ll check. What makes you ask that?

Will you be ready with all the slides for tomorrow’s presentation?
     Sure. What makes you ask that?


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