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Mon Aug 21 20:41:48 PDT 2017

A teacher and librarian, Donna Cohen is now focused on presenting
non-partisan workshops for adults that fill in gaps in civic and political
understanding and that encourage critical evaluation of information.  For
the past several months she has been conducting “civic education” workshops
at public libraries all around Oregon and has received high praise from the
public, library staff, and regional press.  She states in her article, “We
are not born knowing how to be good citizens; if that was the case the
invention of Democracy would not have been necessary!”  To learn more about
Donna Cohen’s classes, and how public libraries are a perfect setting for
civics education, please download and read, “Enhancing Civic
Knowledge/Inspiring Political Engagement: The Role of Public Libraries in
Civic Participation.”


Find Donna on Facebook at:



Thank you,

Charles Wood

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