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 This Week's Tech-Talk: PowerPoint
1. VIDEO ... Zoom-In During A Presentation
2. ARTICLE ... Zoom-In During A Presentation
3. COMMUNICATING ... A quote from Epictetus

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Tech-Talk: PPT - Zoom-In During A Presentation


Have you ever been presenting to a group ... and come to a slide that had a lot of details ... so that you wished you could zoom-in on certain parts?

This could be an intricate drawing, chart or spreadsheet that you need your audience to view more closely.

PowerPoint (2013 and newer) has a Zoom In and Out feature you can use just for this during presentations.

Just as viewing a Google map ... and moving in to see the streets in a closer view ... you can focus your PPT presentation on a part of a slide.

This zoom feature is pretty handy to use on a per-slide basis. You can keep your audience focused and not squinting to see the content you are describing.

Whether you're using a keyboard or a mouse, this feature has multiple ways of Zooming!

Zoom In and Out – Using Keyboard

If you are presenting from a desktop or laptop computer and you don’t have a mouse attached, there’s a simple keyboard shortcut to zoom-in or out:


·     In presentation mode, showing the slide you want to zoom-in on, simply press the keyboard PLUS sign (+) up to three times (as there are 3 zoom levels).

·     This features automatically zooms into the center of the slide. Use the arrow keys (Left, Right, Up or Down) to zero-in on the place in the slide you want to see more closely.

·     To zoom back-out to full slide view, just use the MINUS (-) key on your keyboard. If you Zoomed in one time, press the minus key one time, etc.

NOTE: If you press the minus key more than three times you’ll be back in the editing view, not the presentation screen.

TIP: If you are Zoomed In and want to advance to the next slide without Zooming Out, just press the Page Down key.

Zoom In and Out – Using Your Mouse


·     In presentation mode, move your cursor to the bottom left corner of the slide. This action triggers a very light set of icons to appear ... options such as highlighter and magnifying glass. By the way, they are light so that your audience can't see them.)

·     Click on the magnifying glass once. Don't be tempted to click again until you've positioned the enlargement area.

·     You will see a rectangle on your screen. Move your mouse cursor without clicking. This changes the rectangle positioning.

·     Click the mouse and the slide will zoom-in.

·     If you want to zoom back out, press the Ctrl key and use the scroll wheel on your mouse. Or, use the MINUS (-) key on your keyboard.

TIP: If your presentation doesn't show the magnifying glass in the lower left corner, try saving the file in a newer PowerPoint version.



Communications - Listening
"2 ears ... 1 mouth"

We have been communicating as human beings from the beginning of time. As such, philosophers have spoken out on various aspects of this interpersonal activity.

Epictetus, a Greek Stoic philosopher living between AD 50 and AD 135, has been quoted as saying...

“We have two ears and one mouth
so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”

An idea to consider!


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