[Libs-Or] Toner Scammers back in business

Jeff Weiss jweiss at scappooselibrary.org
Tue Dec 12 14:10:24 PST 2017


As a heads up, famous criminal scammer Sandra Steinmetz and her
co-conspirators Krystle Lester and Brittany Herstch (currently under state
indictment in Iowa) are back in "business". Her basic scam is to send out
toner invoices to libraries, government agencies, and businesses in hopes
that they get paid for nonexistent sales. She's been doing this for at
least 20 years under a variety of fake business names. The current names
are Central Supply Center, Elite Supplies and Central Supply Solutions.

Be on the lookout for these invoices as they will show up in the mail.
She's apparently targeting Oregon now. We got an invoice today which will
be going into the appropriate file.


Jeff Weiss
Director, Scappoose Public Library
52469 Second Street
Scappoose, Oregon 97056
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