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We did this at my last library and learned through time to make our procedures pretty tight so that our locks actually came back. I'm pasting in the agreement form language we had patrons sign at the time of checkout, as well as the checkout procedures. This was at Olympia (Wa) Timberland Library, as of about 3 years ago. I don't know if they've changed the procedures since then.

I can also add that we had 2 locks circulating at a time and a 3rd processed and ready to go as a replacement at all times so it was easy to replace lost/stolen locks. We probably replaced locks about once a year, or so. There were also rare occasions when someone would lock a bike at the library with our lock and then never come back and not respond to our messages. We turned those bikes over to the Police.

Olympia Timberland Regional Library
Bicycle Lock Agreement:

I understand that this lock is for use while in the library only.  I understand that a replacement cost of $50 will be billed to me and the Library's Collection Agency will become involved if I do not return the lock in a timely manner.

I understand that this lock is due at closing time today.
The library closes today at:    8pm (Mon/Tues)    7pm (Wed/Thurs)    5pm (Fri/Sat)

I understand that I am to return the keys to the checkout desk immediately after locking the bicycle and will pick them up at least 10 minutes before closing in order to unlock my bicycle and return the keys before the library closes. Abandoned bicycles will be referred to Olympia Police Department.

Signature                                                                                      Date

Bike lock is for use while in library only.

Bicycle Lock Checkout Procedures

The person borrowing the lock MUST have a Timberland library card.*

1.    Check out the lock on patron's library card.  Patrons with over $10 in fees cannot CKO bike locks.  No exceptions.

2.    Emphasize the lock is due at closing that day and is for use only while in the library.  Circle the closing time on agreement, then ask the patron to read and sign & date it.  Tell the patron he/she will be billed for $50 if the lock is not returned.

3.    Give the patron key/lock and ask patron to return the key immediately after locking the bike. We will hold the key at the desk while lock is in use.

4.    When the patron returns the key, put the key, the CKO receipt & "Bike Lock Agreement" in the drawer.

5.    When returned, check the bike lock in and dispose of the expired paper work.

6.    *If the patron does not have a card, offer to get the patron a library card but let the patron lock the bike up first. Take a picture I.D. as collateral while they are locking up their bike. If the patron is not eligible for a TRL card, say something like "I'm sorry, our bike locks are for library patron use only."

7.    If you see that a lock is not returned on time, force the item into "lost" on the patron account so the patron receives a bill for it. Notify the Supervisor of the problem so they can follow up - they will add a comment to patron's account & place the patron's name on the list of patrons who are not eligible to CKO locks. This list is in the drawer with the locks.

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Hi folks,

We recently purchased a couple of bike locks that we'd like to make available to our patrons to use while they're in the library. We're trying to figure out the best way to ensure that we actually get the lock back. Does anyone do this kind of thing? What's worked well for you?

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